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Wellness Facials

A clean and effective facial for all skin types, let your skin glow with the BABOR remedy. Clean and green meets beauty performance with these facials. Incorporating pre and pro biotics for healthy skin together with the antioxidant benefits of red maple extract this experience will provide strong, healthy and radiant skin *Extraction are NOT included in these facials. Please see Medi Spa Facial Treatments

Refresher Facial 99

A Refreshing Facial  that helps balance and restore the skin for a healthy-looking complexion

Glow Facial 139

A healthy Glow Facial that is a naturally derived cosmeceutical treatment to restore a healthy radiant glow for all skin types. Pre and probiotics to balance the skin and strengthen the skin’s barrier. Age corrective Maple Bark Extract, rich in antioxidants stimulates collagen and elastin and Hyaluronic acid plumps and hydrates. Skin health is restored leaving a  vibrant, glowing complexion. 

Rose Quartz  Facial | 199

A truly unique experience combines indulgent textures and multiple masks & massages including a Rose Quartz Gua-Sha stone massage. Our specialised techniques promote lymphatic drainage, stimulates collagen, restore and firm the tissues to reveal a perfect, ageless complexion.

Add-On Bright Eyes | 29

Relieve your precious eyes of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines with the powerful combination of unique elements from Jade Eye Mask, BABOR Sensational Eye Treatment & Lymphatic Crystal Eye Massage.

Add-On Ear Seeding / Auriculotherapy | 29

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand. Ear Seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective tool used to stimulate acupressure points on the ear. This practice helps to alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of conditions such as stress, anxiety, and discomfort in the body. 

*To redeem a voucher for a Discovery Facial or Spa Facial  please call the spa as they have been discontinued or you can use the voucher to its value and pick something of our luxurious revamped menu..

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Cirtrus Leaves


Relaxation Back Massage 79

Relaxation Body Massage 110

This massage, uses light to medium pressure, encouraging complete serenity and calm.

Warm Stone Massage | 149

As an extension of their hands, your therapist will use heated stones to help melt stress away.

Spa Experience Packages

Earth and ocean govern our world, energy and bodies, together they create movement and synergy that influence our life, balance and health. This constant movement has allowed us to collect transformation, resilience and wellbeing moments. Immerse yourself in BABOR spa moments to feel deep rooted wellness experiences and skin softness. BABOR spa moments include our caring journey that simulates the waves, making the body center of the earth for grounding effect, allowing deep relaxation which in turn will strengthen our health system and our body resistance. MORE selfcare, MORE effect, MORE indulgence

- Please note, not all packages can be accommodated in a dual booking & dual bookings cannot be made on our online booking portal, you will need to call our friendly therapist.

Salt Glow Body Polish 99

Enjoy revitalising and fresh scents to submerge yourself in a feeling of ocean wave. Invigorating and grounding body treatment stimulates the body for the ultimate sensation of total body wellness. A unique oil to foam natural enzyme exfoliation is applied from shoulder to toe to instantly smooth and perfect the skin.

Splash Of Beauty 149

Back Massage & Petite Facial 

Let your mind unwind with the combination of a stress free warm oil relaxation Back Massage, followed by our pick me Petite Facial.

Energising Spa Experience 189

Head to Toe Medium Pressure Massage & Facial Combo Experience. 

Deliver renewed energy head to toe. Awaken your senses with our unique massage techniques incorporating a vitalising oil blend of fruity mandarin & tangy citrus lime. Coupled with a restoring mini facial treatment, you will leave with a new zest for life.

Balancing Spa Experience 189

Head to Toe Medium Pressure Massage & Facial Combo Experience with Warm & Cool Stones 

Cocoon yourself in this sensory body experience. Utilising the combination of cool & warm stones, together with an elegant balancing oil blend of orange, mimosa, cedar, amber, and musk massage. Coupled with a restoring mini facial you will find clarity & inner strength with the flush of toxins and restored balance. 

Body Cocoon | 199

A smooth, creamy exfoliant and natural peeling grains made from poppy seeds to prepare the skin for the application of a luxurious firming cream wrap . This head to toe treatment incorporates a balancing facial treat and nourishing body balm to lock in the deep firming and hydrating benefits of the wrap and further smooth and tone the skin.

Melting Moments Experience 279

Warm Stone Body Massage & Glow Facial

With the use of warm lava stones, light pressure point massage & balancing aromatherapy blend oil, your body will succumb to pure relaxation. Coupled with our popular Glow Facial created to bring you inner calm & tranquility.​

Ocean Spa Experience 289 Salt Glow Body Polish, Body Massage & Refresher Facial

Ocean Spa LUXE Experience 369 Salt Glow Body Polish, WarmStone Massage & Glow Facial

Enjoy revitalising and fresh scents to submerge yourself in a feeling of ocean wave. The finest sea salt offers subtle and tactile exfoliation while refreshing textures with red algae extracts provide a boost of energy and moisture for resilient new you. Reveal your skins radiance  warm oil massage; complete with our exclusive BABOR Facial. 

Earth Spa Experience 299 Body Cocoon, Facial Treat & Body Massage

Earth Spa LUXE Experience | 339 Body Cocoon, Facial Treat & Warm Stone Massage

Enjoy an exclusive moment of escape with an indulging full-body exfoliation that utilises ultra-fine skin-refining poppy seeds to prepare the skin for the application of a luxurious firming cream wrap while unwinding with a facial treat. Indulge your senses with an aromatic warm oil massage leaving your skin velvety soft.

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H2O Ultimate Spa Experience 500

Salt Glow Body Polish, Warm Stone Massage, Glow Facial, Collagen Hand Treatment, Pedicure, Light Lunch & Refreshments 

Your invigorating ritual begins with  prestigious salt glow body polish ; immerse from a refreshing hot shower and  proceed into a complete state of calmness with H2O’s signature warm stone massage, coupled with an unwinding luxurious Glow Facial & Collagen Hand Treatment. Your H2O Spa Experience will be whole with some pedicure pampering, while enjoying a light lunch & refreshments.The Ultimate Spa Experience!

*To redeem your gift voucher for the Spa Facial, Beauty 2 Go, Energise or Balance Experience, H2O Paradise, Bliss Stone, Reveal Cleopatra, Goddess Ritual, or H2O Signature Ritual please call the spa as these packages have been discontinued. They are not the same as the packages above., so please call or you can use it to the value and pick something from our luxurious revamped menu.