Spa Facials

EcoCoco combines nature's most powerful, skin-loving ingredients into an effective natural and certified organic facial ritual. Give your skin a relaxing awakening with the natural powers of Coconut Oil, Rosehip Oil, Dilo Oil and Kakadu Plum. A great pick me up treatment that instantly brightens & hydrates the complexion of your skin.

*Extraction are NOT included in these facials. Please see High Performance Treatments

Spa Experience Packages

Our spa packages combine face & body treatments to ensure you leave relaxed & rejuvenated. These are complete wellness ritual that focus on a light to medium pressure to create a unique harmonising balance is the body.

 Please note we do not do really hard massage, sports, remedial or pregnancy massage.

- Please note, not all packages can be accommodated in a dual booking & dual bookings cannot be made on our online booking portal, you will need to call our friendly therapist.

Discovery Facial 99

Begin with a moisture locking double cleanse followed by a Maris Sal (Sea Salt) and Charcoal face polish and detoxifying/hydrating face mask. This facial will be complete with a rejuvenating powerhouse moisturiser to promote a dewy youthful complexion.

Spa Facial 129

A refreshing signature facial cleanse enriched in Ecococo's finest key ingredients. The treatment will commence with a cleansing oil ritual that will bind dirt and impurities and just lift it away. Your facial wellness continues with the ultimate rejuvenating Maris Sal and Charcoal detoxing face polish, stress free oil blend face massage, hydrating face mask and complete with a powerhouse anti-oxidant moisturiser featuring Kakadu Plum to visibly brighten, smooth and firm the skin. 

Bright Eyes 49

Relieve your precious eyes of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines with the powerful combination of unique elements from Ecococo's Jade Eye Mask, Gold Collagen Eye Treatment & Lymphatic Crystal Eye Massage.

Bright Eye Bliss 70

Relieve your precious eyes of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines with the powerful combination of unique elements from Ecococo's Jade Eye Mask, Gold Collagen Eye Treatment & Lymphatic Crystal Eye Massage.Enhance your lashes natural beauty with a splash of colour & release the pressure of your day from the nape of your neck to the tips of your fingers.

Massage & Body

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 79

Body Massage 110

Warm Stone Massage 149 | 189

1HR - 1.5HRS  


Body Polish 90

Begin with a gentle botanical infused coconut  body polish massaged into the body to remove dead skin and release your skins naturally beautiful texture. Step out of a warm shower & uncover a luxury  body balm application.

Body Cocoon 179

Begin with a gentle  body polish massaged into the skin to release your skins naturally beautiful texture. Complete your tranquil experience by nourishing the skin with a creamy body wrap, collectively with a Mini Facial. Step out of a warm shower & uncover a Ecococo luxury body balm.

Salts Massage

Beauty 2 Go 139

Back Massage & Petite Facial 

Let your mind unwind with the combination of a stress free blended warm oil Back Massage, followed by our pick me up Mini Facial.

Energise Experience 179

Head to Toe Medium Pressure Massage & Facial Combo Experience. 

Deliver renewed energy head to toe. Awaken your senses with our unique massage techniques incorporating a revitalising stress free oil blend & pick me up Mini Facial. Restoring vitality you will leave with a new zest for life.

Balance Experience 179

Head to Toe Medium Pressure Massage & Facial Combo Experience with Warm & Cool Stones 

Cocoon yourself in this sensory body experience. Utlising the combination of cool & warm stones, together with precious stress free oil blend massage and pick me up Mini Facial, you will find clarity & inner strength with the flush of toxins and restored balance. 

Bliss Stone Experience 259

Warm Stone Body Massage & Spa Facial

With the use of warm stones, light pressure point massage & stress free  oil blend, your body will succumb to pure relaxation. Incorporating our signature Spa Facial created to bring you inner calm & tranquility.

Reveal Cleopatra 269

Body Polish, Body Massage & Discovery Facial

Reveal your skins radiance with a gentle essential oil infused body exfoliation  warm shower and stress free oil massage; complete with our exclusive Discovery Facial. 

Goddess Ritual 279

Body Cocoon, Mini Facial & Body Massage

This treatment begins with a smoothing body exfolation & cocooned body wrap; Combined with a pick me up Mini Facial, your Goddess Ritual will be whole with a relaxation stress free body massage.

Bubbles for two​                                                                      280

Aromatic Spa Bath, Body Massage & Glass of Bubbles 

Revive & hydrate in a relaxing aromatic spa bath with a glass of bubbles or OJ, followed by a warm oil body massage. 

Perfect way to spend some quality time out together!


H2O Paradise 359

Aromatic Spa Bath, Body Massage, Discovery Facial & H2O Spa Pedicure

Unwind & be pampered head to toe in your very own paradise. Commence your deluxe package with a nourishing aromatic spa bath fit for a queen and float away into a stress free full body massage & our exclusive  Discovery Facial. Complete your overhaul feel good with a H2O Spa Pedicure designed to tantalize your toes. 

Take some time out - be pampered, be you!

H2O Signature Ritual 499

Body Scrub, Warm Stone Massage, Spa Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Light Lunch & Refreshments 

Your invigorating ritual begins with  prestigious body scrub ; immerse from a refreshing hot shower and  proceed into a complete state of calmness with H2O’s signature warm stone massage. Continue unwinding with our luxurious Spa Facial & OPI Manicure. Your Signature Experience will be whole with some h2o pedicure pampering, while enjoying a light lunch & refreshments.

The Ultimate Spa Experience!